Artist Statement:

"I have always been compelled to create. I take inspiration from the world and elements around me. My focus is in the abstract in that my paintings are disassociated from any specific instance and my music expresses a quality apart from specific genres. I look at my paintings as windows. When observed they melt into the walls and become a portal of shape and color. Musically my intent is to impact the listener first with strong melodies that linger in the mind then with lyrics which appeal to the emotions and the intellect. Honesty is the foundation of my work. It is my wish to establish a recognizable feeling, a shared empathy which I believe can only be achieved when the work and the observer agree the experience is authentic."

Jeff Lipman is a visual artist and musician living in Tampa, Fl. Originally from Indiana he has been writing and performing original music for twenty years and has self released the albums "TimeGun" and "Kissing Divinity". Lipman began his painting career in 2013 with roots in the Abstract Expressionism style.